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Epic Failure – Home remedies

Epic Fail Home Remedies head lice treatments

Sharing some epic failure home remedies head lice stories from across the pond collected by our lice clinics over there. Our Own UK survey highlighted some strange ways to treat head lice too. Such as burning them off with hair straighteners and covering hair in mayonnaise. Thankfully the most common home method is conditioner and endless combing. The latest survey gives real insight into the level of education into treating head lice and lice themselves.

Many parents believe, mistakenly, that the lice jump from head to head and only 68% of parents could accurately identify a louse from five other common bugs.  24% mistaking head lice  for fleas. Parents also called for the return of the “nit nurse” in schools to counter the problem.

The Strangest remedies from the US

By Hilary Reeser  Owner of Lice Clinics of America – Harrisburg

These Lice Clinics of America owners from across the country have heard clients tell of many home remedies they tried, but failed.

 Read on for some of the strangest (Please do not try any of these at home, as some are down right dangerous!).

Gerry Wolburg, owner of   “We had a boy show up at Virginia Lice Removal with Vaseline in his head!”

Mirtala P D Alarcon, owner of in Texas: “Using Raid for ants, then RID”.

Renae Askins Byers, owner of in Alabama: “Laying three girls in the driveway, pulling their hair up above their heads and pressure washing. It didn’t work either.”

Holly Cudia, owner of in Ohio: “Listerine mouthwash and a hair dryer”.

Timika Downes, owner of in Massachusetts: “Putting hot towels straight from the dryer on the kids’ heads, and then dousing them with olive oil”

Judy Hinant Hayden, owner of in Kentucky: “Putting Noxema in the hair. Even after washing it out. This family came in for treatments and the heat from the AirAlle’ caused the remnants of the Noxema to fluff up like little puffs of shaving cream in the hair!”

Toxic examples of home remedies – head lice treatments

Suzanne Danita, owner of in Indiana: “One family said they were so desperate after several failed treatments, that they soaked their daughter’s hair in kerosene”.

Andrea Fabric Florsheim, owner of in Wisconsin: “Chlorine bleach”.

ThuyTien Le-Du, owner of in California: “A Dad said he will use gasoline to get rid of it because that was how his mom did it for him”.

Magdalena Muldoon, owner of in Texas: “One mom read that salt water kills lice so she put salt all over her daughter’s head”.

Heather Wilson O’Connor, owner of in Florida: “Flea shampoo followed by flea powder, combed out with a flea comb!”

Aisha Gase , owner of in Ohio: “Soaking hair in paint thinner”.

Common store cupboard approach

Dahlia Sayegh, owner of in California: “Turpentine and vinegar”.

Kristen Hollingsworth, owner of in Massachusetts: “Mixing up eggs and putting it on the kid’s head. Then letting it harden like a helmet thinking it would suffocate the lice and nits”

Tanya Kensley, owner of in Colorado: “Mayonnaise with a large zip lock bag over it. She actually showed up at the clinic like this”

Jacqueline Huynh, owner of in California: “Mayonnaise, followed by tea-tree shampoo and coconut oil”.

Marianne Gonsalves , owner of and in Massachusetts: “She put a bunch of her family’s belongings into a rented storage space, moved the family in with her mother for two weeks and bug bombed her apartment”e