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What Parents think about Head Lice problems in the UK

Head Lice Survey

Clear Hair conducted a survey of 650 parents and asked them all about their experiences with Head Lice and their treatment . It has illustrated the reasons Head Lice are getting to be more troublesome than they were in the past, parents blame lots of things and that is partly the problem.

What is to Blame for the spread of Head Lice

  • We don’t get rid of the Eggs (Nits) so re infestations occur
  • Lice are  resistant to the products we use to destroy them
  • Children huddle around smart phones and technology.
  • We blame other families when we get a re infestation.
  • The Community is not able to offer help and education is poor
  • Schools no longer have the “Nit Nurse”


We don’t get rid of the Eggs (Nits) so re infestations occur

The tiny little eggs the Head Lice lay in the hair are glued to the hair shaft to preserve them. They are really tricky to remove and they are also about the size of a mustard seed so difficult to see. The solutions we use do not effect the eggs and it is only combing that can get them out.

The Clear Hair retail  product  The Mousse  can be used to comb out more effectively. It contains ingredients that help dissolve the glue that binds the egg to the hair. It also makes combing smoother. Perfect to make children happy.

The key is every single egg needs to be taken out in one go. This is why our in clinic treatment is so effective the live Head Lice and the eggs or Nits are all destroyed through dehydration. So even if one is missed in the comb out it is dead and will not hatch. See more about the treatment


Lice are resistant to the products we use to destroy them.

Increasing information says that Head Lice are showing signs of resistance to the common products used to treat them. There is increased data but not really much in the way of a solution. These SuperLice  as they are known are reoccurring after treatment. OTC products generally say treat twice, however it appears that parents are treating more than five times and are still seeing children reinfectedChildren huddle around smart phones and technology.

Children huddle around smart phones and technology.

Technology brings children together in more ways than one, its good in some ways, however when it comes to head lice its not so good. Children and teenagers are prone to huddling together around a screen to look at social media or videos. Putting heads together to take repeated images for the best selfie pictures is also thought to be one of the reasons. They are sharing more than just pictures.

Results of a recent study which found:

A study of more than 200 youngsters found those owning a smartphone – or tablet – were more than twice as likely to be infested with the tiny bugs.

Out of the 98 who did not have or use either type of device just under 30 per cent experienced head lice – compared to 65 of the 104 (62.5 percent) who did.

We blame other families when we get a re infestation.

As we talked to parents it was clear that they would rather blame re infestations on other children. Rather than think they missed treating one tiny egg. Lice can only crawl from head to head, so keeping the hair retained for school and training children to be aware of the way they spread can help. It is unusual for lice to spread by being on chairs and furniture but they can survive 24 hours so its not impossible.

The Community is not able to offer help and education is poor

As Part of our survey we asked a series of questions to test the knowledge of parents when it came to Head Lice.

30% parents thought lice can jump

32% parents could not pick out an image of a Head Lice from 6 common bugs and fleas

34 % thought they feed from the nutrients in hair (They feed exclusively from the Blood)

Lack of information and support in the community as a whole is stated as being one of the problems head lice are such a problem.

Schools no longer have the “Nit Nurse”

The parents surveyed remembered having a nurse at school that came in and checked for Head Lice. Affectionately known as the Nit Nurse. The comments received as part of the survey were mostly exclusively related to “bring back the Nit Nurse”. Although this will not cure the problem it will almost certainly mean the cases are detected faster.

The Future for Head Lice

Along with all these new factors, the fight against Head Lice moves forward too. There is a new treatment that Guarentees  to destroy all the Head Lice and the Eggs. It is a treatment provided by trained practitioners in a child friendly environment where we take lice removal really seriously.

Here are some of the main findings of our survey 2017

Survey Head Lice in the UK

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