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Disposable tips prevent cross contamination – AirAlle device

Disposable tips are one of the fundamental keys to the success of the AirAlle treatment.

The success of the treatments carried out by Lice clinics of the UK are because of the unique design of the disposable AirAlle tip. Designed to meet the standards of the FDA. The angled vent design allows a blown controlled heated air to rise under the hair across the scalp. This makes sure the treatment is comfortable but at the same time destroys the lice by dehydration.

AirAlle tip

Removing Disposable AirAlle Tips

The tip is easily removable at the end of the treatment and bagged with the rest of the consumable waste, to be disposed of. It is designed to be easily clipped off the machine. New tips are used for each new treatment. There may be some older technologies not following this protocol. They, therefore do not have the stamp of approval from the manufacturer.

Designed for comfort and ease of use.

The tips blow the air upwards at an angle so heat is not allowed to accumulate on the scalp. It is easy to calculate the total exposure of the heat treatment. Each area is treated repeatedly to ensure the total dehydration of lice and eggs(nits) ensuring the efficacy of the treatment.

Why not reuse the tips?

The tips are in direct contact with contaminated hair and skin throughout the treatment and it is difficult because of the design to ensure the tip is sterilised. It has therefore become one of the key measures of the treatment that the tips are not reused. This 100% prevents cross contamination. Sterilisation and cleanliness is one of the key most important factors when treatments are carried out.

What is the proof ?

Clinical studies done on over 500 people with head lice demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the AirAllé device and treatment. (see published data in the peer-reviewed Pediatrics and Journal of Medical Entomology). Thousands of successful lice treatments are now being done each month with the AirAllé device and they all use a new tip each time.