Clinician combing out the lice and the nits
Know your headline symptoms
clear hair for halloween

Head Lice in Halloween Costumes – Ewwww!!

Of all the creepy crawly’s around during Halloween, there’s…
clear hair success

Clear Hair success shared to help children in Bangladesh.

  Clear hair success to help in Bangladesh As a business,Lice…
Retail Clear Hair

Disposable tips prevent cross contamination - AirAlle device

Disposable tips are one of the fundamental keys to the success…
Head lice or dandruff

Is it head lice dandruff or something else?

Is it head lice dandruff or something else ? Its a common question…
performing Head Lice at home treatment

What Parents think about Head Lice problems in the UK

Head Lice Survey Clear Hair conducted a survey of 650 parents…
Lice Nymphs to Adult

Epic Failure - Home remedies

Epic Fail Home Remedies head lice treatments Sharing some epic…